A Certified Detective Agency



Our background checks and verifications can find the answers to the below questions and much more.

  • From where they have come?
  • Are they worth to invest time & money?
  • What is their background?

  • Background check & verification is a standard part of all kinds of private investigations and is, therefore, considered as a valuable tool in judging the person. Background checks and verification can be divided into private and corporate. Usually, personal background check is done in order to find the suitability of a person for a job or a relationship, while, corporate background checks can be done before entering into a business contract with a third party. High Profile Detective is successfully catering the burgeoning needs of both personal and professional fronts.

    Our background checks and verifications can easily turn up diversified range of information about someone, including, things like credit reports, marriage along with other pivotal facts. Background checks and verifications are becoming crucial in the present scenario. As an eminent detective services provider, we can do complete background checks for you for a multitude of reasons. Before entering into a business deal, relationship or simply hiring a person, let High Profile Detective do a thorough background checks for you.

    Areas where we can provide background checks are -
  • Employee screening and test
  • Pre-marital background check
  • Potential business partner check

  • High Profile Detective Agency can prevent you from hiring a wrong employee, marrying a wrong person who is not who they claim to be. No matter how quandary your situation is, come to us.