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Cyber Crime

With the massive development in the technological area, cyber crime has become one of the most fastest growing areas of concern. The cloud of unambiguous, speed and convenience that web media offers, makes it one of the most softest targets for cyber crime. There are quite a large number of crimes that can be associated with the cyber world, such as identity theft, phishing scams, cyber stalking, etc. Moreover, the onset of social networking sites like facebook, orkut, etc., have made it feasible to connect with millions of people in diverse parts of the world at one click of the mouse. It also means that anti-social elements may easily communicate with each other.

How to combat cyber crime theft?

As a reputed detective services provider in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and all over India, we've successfully built a whole new set of technological and investigative capabilities-it means we are as efficient and comfortable chasing outlaws in web world as we are across different continents. Our cyber crime investigation services can successfully uncover monetary thefts, share frauds and credit card thefts. Our corporate detective services can help you in detecting crimes and can create such a viable framework where you can counter frauds. Through our discreet corporate detective services, we collect irrefutable evidences which can be used by our clients to safeguard their business interests.

Our cyber crime investigation services include -
  • - Anonymous defamatory letters
  • - Anonymous call letters
  • - Defamatory MMS/SMS
  • - Mischievous phone calls
  • - Defamatory emails