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Missing Persons
Missing Persons


Missing Persons

Missing Person cases are basically of two types:

Firstly, People who are intentionally missing or they had hidden themselves from other people. Secondly, are the people who are missing by chance?

The first category of people can be further sub divided into two categories: -
Are you looking for someone who is lost? He/she may not be intentionally hiding from you but for whatever reason you've lost the contact. We can help you! This could be your family member, a lost friend or even a debtor who owes you money. High Profile Detective has a team of missing person detectives who can trace missing people throughout the world. Our discreet missing person detectives can easily find 'lost' people in any circumstances and with minimal information. Successfully established itself in Delhi, Mumbai and all over India, our subject's whereabouts are traced by using a comprehensive range of resources and proper investigative techniques. Our missing person investigators will always succeed your expectations even in those daunting situations also where other agents have failed.

Our missing person investigators can help you in finding below people-

  • Estranged partners
  • Debtors
  • People who have left home and lost contact with the family
  • Lost friend

  • Confidentiality

    We ensure you complete confidentiality because all missing person investigators working on your case will use only professional and discreet methods. Your identity is absolutely kept confidential and prudent.