A Certified Detective Agency

Post Matrimonial Investigation

When the fear of your life partner's infidelity becomes an imperative concern of your life, it masticates you-'You need to contact the High Profile Detective'. We know it is very difficult to contact a detective to check on your loved one but isn't living with constant fears and tensions more pathetic? High profile Detective has a team of spouse investigators in Delhi-NCR to carry out both post marriage and love affair investigations.

  • Has your love partner suddenly changed the attitude?
  • Has your partner become elusive and ready to initiate fights on small things?
  • Does your partner prefer to stay out late?

  • If your answer to any of the above questions is YES then it means that your partner may actually be cheating on you. But it is required to prove your suspicion. Our team of experts will collect concrete evidences which you may need to either prove or dismiss your suspicion in order to live a tension free life.

    The major advantage of enlisting High Profile Detective is that we employ talented detectives who have a proven track record of successful post matrimonial investigation operations and are well trained to handle sensitive situations with utmost care and discretion. We make use of the covert surveillance equipments and specialist surveillance team to provide incontestable evidences to client.

    Our love affair investigation service is carefully tailored to suit divergent needs of a person. We understand that this may be a difficult time in your life and we would like to assure you that we treat every enquiry in the strictest of confidence.

    'Be tough. Contact us now and allow us to take your pain away. Stop the sleepless nights now'