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under cover

As an owner, can you say with a surety that you know what is happening within your business? Why your shipment has reached late to its destination? Why dissatisfaction is brewing among employees? We at High Profile Detective, can help you know what is happening in your institution or business. Through undercover operations we will collect useful information which you may need to counter those issues which are affecting your business.

Under cover operation will typically be carried out by one of our operatives posing as a contractor, co-worker or simply as a 'friend'. Concrete evidences will be collected and submitted back to the client along with necessary investigation services. We have techniques and specialization to remain undercover at all times and to obtain the concrete evidences that you may be needed.

Our undercover operation may include-

  • Tracking systems

  • Hidden surveillance cameras

  • Video transmitters

  • Our company employs professional undercover operations in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and all over India. Undercover operations investigators are properly briefed and trained before they become an imperative part of our workforce. All intricacies of the investigations are thoroughly completed and you are debriefed after the completion of the work. Our team can be deployed for days and months depending on the project complexity. Once our investigation will start, you will notice that our investigative approach has made way to a smooth and trustworthy undercover operation.